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Leave your suggestions on what characters to use on upcoming rounds of Costume Party here!

The two characters you suggest should have something in common and thus be paired up that way, however, whatever it is in common can be anything! A few example

- two vampires
- characters that are soldiers or have the same kind of job
- devils!! or angels!! but not one devil and one angel they gotta be the same
- two people who wear scarves
- series is from the same animation studio
- same voice actor
- same first or last name (or a combination thereof)
- like legit if we're scraping the bottom i guess you can go for like SAME EYE COLOR AND SAME HAIR COLOR

The only rule is that they must be from different series! If you can take the time to help me with this, I would appreciate it a lot! And here's a textform to make it easy

there's no limit to how many you can suggest, obviously! Please don't worry about whether or not a character was used already or not, I more-or-less remember all characters I've used on my own rounds, and so if a character has been used recently I just won't use them. No need for you to bother with checking the comm, this is already huge help! Thanks!