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The Poet Acrostic Trading Post


A - (traded anterograde18 for vincent09 with Lizzy) LINK

V - (traded vines20 for mariebelle08 with Trias) LINK
E - (traded esper10 for haru02 with Sammich) LINK
R - (traded ragnarok20 for neojapan03 with Sammich) LINK
Y - (traded yomihime04 for beats08 with Naru) LINK

P - (traded wushu20 for papa06 with AJ) LINK
O - (traded rascal18 for outcast20 with Nea) LINK
L - (traded illegitimate14 for lemu18 with Nea) LINK
I - (traded illegitimate16 for uriah09 with Nea) LINK
T - (traded answer20 for themist02 with Naru) LINK
E - (traded queen19 for eye12 with Anruik) LINK

G - (traded goddess03 for gigant14 with January) LINK
E - (traded saluki12 for enforcer16 with Nea) LINK
N - (traded northstar08 for cold07 with Lily) LINK
T - (traded clover17 for tigerdrive14 with January) LINK
L - (traded left12 for kaijou03 with Fumika) LINK
E - (traded archer07 for equestrian04 with Lepi) LINK
M - (traded manager14 for gigant19 with Fumika) LINK
A - (traded coo15 for akzora02 with Lily) LINK
N - (traded falcion02 for neojapan18 with Sammich) LINK