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Colors TCG - Card collection

Please don't ask me cards I received but haven't put on the page yet :(!

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◄ Colors TCG
Log   ✩ Halloween Event Log
◄ player
Player; Delitan ✩
Join Date; June 6th, 2013 ✩
Card Count; 5491 ✩

◄ signature cards

if you want to trade signature cards, just tell me and I'll crayon or get one at the art studio for you!
◄ cool stuff

◄ collecting
OJAMAJO► 20/20 HARMONIUS ► 09/20



NUKES ► 11/20 RED TOWER ► 10/20

Jojo decks currently have the highest priority out of everything I'm collecting!
No cards included in a mass collection are tradable, though, unless you're like one card away from mastering then I will probably agree to trade!

◄ up for trade
I will accept random trades (but make sure to link me to your tradepile first just in case) for these if you're collecting what you're asking for. I tend to be a little more stingy otherwise but i'm generally pretty lax at trading so feel free to ask! Worst come to worst I super don't mind holding a card for you.

◄ future collection
Will trade these out only for current collection.
◄ future future collection
Willing to trade these for future collection or currently collecting cards, or if you're collecting these, I might accept a trade.
◄ low priority decks
Cards I'm not really going out of my way to hunt down but will always accept if you offer a trade (will trade these if you're collecting them, but only for higher or same priority decks).

◄ teams collection
Only for high priority cards

◄ cards to keep
will trade these out if you're collecting them, please don't ask unless it's a priority for you. Only for things I'm collecting (any priority).

Specials not up for trade
◄ pending
hold crayons


◄ trading buddies
◄ master badges

◄ Other

- Complete

◄ credit
coding → replica